So haben wir "20 Jahre ASP" gefeiert.

We're here for kids!

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A simple way to do a Corona PCR test yourself is described in this video.

Opening hours:
Tuesday Friday 
2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
0699 11041993
Rennbahnweg 29, 1220 Vienna
Festschrift: "20 Years of ASP"
KiJu-Netz position paper 
on the subject of (social) inequalities in times of Covid-19

We are here for you!
Information and advice take place outdoors.
note the current corona rules of the city of Vienna.
We can also be reached by phone and online!


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Die Terrassen am ASP (ca. 2005)

The ASP is a unique space for living, playing and experiencing in Vienna-Donaustadt. Established in 1999 by IFEP and financed by the city council of Vienna, the ASP has established itself as a year-round supervised institution for children and young people aged 6 to 15. The visit is on a voluntary basis and does not involve any costs. During the opening hours, a team of six qualified educators (three women, three men) is available to visitors who are open to the realization of their individual wishes and ideas. The authentic commitment of the supervisors encourages the development of all senses and enables the kids to constantly discover new horizons.

Gruppen am ASP

Get in contact!

Rennbahnweg 29
1220, Vienna

+43 699 11041993

+43 660 1104198.

+43 660 1104197.

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