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Click on the green flag and let a balloon float through the yellow house.
Have fun playing!

The construction area

Even before there were any houses at the ASP, there were construction areas secured with construction fences. Huts, climbing walls, observation towers, castles and much more have been built here for over twenty years.

In the construction area there is a fireplace, a pizza oven, vegetable and herb beds, fruit trees and two containers that are used to store building materials, garden tools or, for example, a concrete mixer.

Der Bereich im Bauzaun am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The red house

Between 2007 and 2010, the Red House was built in cooperation with students from the Vienna University of Technology. In the house there is a workshop that is particularly well equipped for woodworking, the "Lager" where materials and tools are stored, and a large event room that we use as a "music room" in everyday life. The workshop can be opened to the adjacent construction area with a drawbridge.

Das Rote Haus am ASP  Rennbahnweg.

The yellow house

Since 2001 the house has been rebuilt and redesigned many times. In the house there is a lounge for children and teenagers, the exercise room (called "Krosse Krabbe"), the handicraft room, the girls 'and boys' rooms, the chill room for teenagers, the children's library, the table football room, the kitchen, the toilets and two storage rooms. There is a terrace in front of the common rooms for children and young people.

Das Gelbe Haus am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The kids area

Many games and seating can be found in the kids area. The pets from the ASP, the "Stabis", also live here. The room connects to the handicraft room and the children's library.

Gustokörberl im Kidsbereich vom ASP Rennbahnweg.

The T12 area

The common room for young people

In this area there is a spacious sofa, a table tennis table, a handicraft corner, a games shelf, a bookshelf, tables and chairs for playing, painting, eating or just sitting together. The table football room and the chill room are connected to the area.

Der Jugendbereich am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The handicraft room

There are enough handicraft materials and tools. Children and young people can live out their creativity at the large table.

Das Bastelzimmer am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The music room

In the music room, which can also be used as an event room for cinemas, discos, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, discussions and much more. A variety of instruments such as electric piano, drums, xylophone and harmonica as well as wireless microphones are available to visitors.

Der Musikraum am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The chill room

The girls room

The boys room


Seating, music systems and an ASP music collection are available to visitors in the three rooms, which they can rent independently. There are also gym mats in the gender rooms.

The children's library

In addition to many books and magazines for children, the room also has various costumes to dress up, a large mirror and a table football table.

Es gibt viele Kinderbücher am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The table football room
The table football room belongs to the youth area. 
In addition to the table football table, there is also a dart board in the room.

By the way, there is also a table football in the children's area.

Tischfußballtische im Kinder- und im Jugendbereich am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The workshop

Here is still sawed, sanded, drilled, planed and carved, even if it is no longer possible in the construction area due to the weather. Many large machines such as a drill bit and various saws are set up here.

In the rear area, the "Lager" connects to the workshop, where many other tools and materials are stored.

Die Werkstatt vom ASP Rennbahnweg.

The kitchen

Since 2019 we have a new kitchen, which is used daily for preparing the "Gustokörberl" (a small snack). Visitors can also rent them and use them independently.

Kochen am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The "Krosse Krabbe"

Movement space

A wall bars, a large mat, the padded floor and soft balls make the "Krosse Krabbe" the place where children and young people can let off steam even while bad weather.


Der Bewegungsraum am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The playground

On the meadow between the yellow house and the adjacent sports field, everything happens that is not possible between cars, on sidewalks and in small inner courtyards: football is played, bathed, juggled, celebrated, jumped into a soft floor and much more. Our three totem poles also have their place here.

Die Spielwiese am ASP Rennbahnweg.


"Gatsch-Matsch" area

Playing sand, building canals, digging for treasure.

Water comes from the large drinking water fountain.

Der Gatsch-Matsch_Bereich am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The fountain

In 2019 our well was renewed and surrounded by a gravel bed. Since then, the fountain has been increasingly used as a meeting place by the people on Rennbahnweg.

The water from the well flows through the children's sand channels in the "Gatsch-Matsch" area.

Auch einen Brunnen gibt es am ASP Rennbahnweg.

The terraces

On warm days, many of the activities that otherwise take place in the common rooms are relocated to the two covered terraces.

Die Terrassen am ASP Rennbahnweg (ca. 2005).

The hills

The hills are in the rearmost part of the ASP. Depending on the snow conditions, they are used for sledding in winter. Every now and then in summer a huge water slide is spread out on one of the hills. And the annual lantern parade usually also leads over the crest of the hill area.

Laternenumzug auf den Hügeln vom ASP Rennbahnweg.

The fireplace

Whether in winter or in summer: Open fire can be used for a lot and is a great fascination for all of us. We use the fireplace regularly in every season.

Die Feuerstellem am ASP Rennbahnweg wird oft genützt.

The pizza oven

In summer 2015 we built a pizza and bread oven together with children and young people as part of a holiday project. Since then we have pampered ourselves regularly with homemade pizza and fresh flatbread.

Steinofenpizzen werden am ASP Rennbahnweg selbst gebacken.
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