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Our mission statement


The ASP is a unique space for living, playing and experiencing in Vienna-Donaustadt. Founded in 1999 by the IFEP and financed by the City of Vienna, the ASP has established itself as a year-round supervised institution for children and young people between 6 and 15 years of age. The visit is on a voluntary basis and does not involve any costs. During the opening hours, a team of six qualified educators (three women, three men) is available to visitors, who are open to the realization of their individual wishes and ideas. The authentic commitment of the supervisors promotes the development of all senses and enables the kids to discover new horizons again and again.


The specialty of the "Aktivspielplatz"

The ASP is a protected place for adolescents, which can be actively and creatively tested, discovered, used and reinvented. The construction area with a fireplace, the "Gatsch-Matsch" area and the hills are striking on the 4,000 m² site. A 300 m² heated building is divided into twelve rooms such as a kitchen, exercise room, boys 'room, handicraft room, girls' room and a media room. Next to this there is another building with a workshop and all-purpose room. In order to meet the needs of children and young people, they have access to independent areas. In addition, the two age groups can and will be happy to work together. The ASP is characterized by the fact that the topics are largely initiated by the visitors and implemented in concrete actions by supervisors, methods and materials. The offer is supplemented by weekend excursions.


Principles in care
The prerequisite for the team to approach the children openly and positively is non-violent and respectful interaction in everyday life, which conveys a positive adult image. We strengthen individual talents, social skills and self-worth and try to create ecological awareness in the children.

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