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Offers for groups

The ASP team has been working successfully with schools and after-school care centers for many years.

These offers give young people the opportunity to occupy themselves and experience new things in a way that is only possible at an active playground.

This offer will be expanded from autumn 2022. Instead of just one program per year, as before, four workshops with different content can now be selected.

The main points are:
-    Experience nature/environment
-    Music
-    motor skills/movement
-    Building and working

In this way, each class/group can find content that suits their knowledge/interests and the dynamics of the community and book an appointment at the ASP.

Meadow at the Rennbahnweg active playground
Why are we doing this?

The last few years have shown that we, adults, have to ensure that children and young people have a stable environment in which to grow and mature. 

Especially in times of crisis.

And how do you deal with crises? By pursuing common and connecting goals.
(In this case) jointly convey perspectives for a future worth living to adolescents at school and in their free time.

Children are introduced to projects in a playful way, enthusiastic and supported in tackling them and bringing them to a result. 

Also or precisely because there are things ready for them on the active playground that they are not familiar with from everyday life, we pay particular attention to safety for everyone when playing and doing.

Curiosity, doing things together and the joy of seeing something out of the ordinary emerge that is not possible in classrooms and living rooms, gives the children strength and strength to be able to master the everyday challenges a little better!

Appointment request:

The workshops take place in the morning.
We kindly ask you to book at least 14 days before the desired date.

The workshops:



The children can experience how satisfying it can be to create something with their own hands and how much fun it is to do it together in our “Crafts” offer. 

We will build a house on a small, manageable construction site with everything that goes with it. 

For example building walls, carpentry windows and doors, roofing and much more, whatever happens. 


The aim of the workshop is to teach children a few small manual skills, linked to their own physical activity and self-awareness, and at the same time to give them a little insight into the world of work.

The focus is always on fun, joy and working together as a group. 

hand werken.jpg
Splash of color

Compost & Co.


Experience the ASP with all your senses:

Pet snails, reveal the secret of the compost heap and make something grow.

Based on the principle of nature education, education with heart, hand and brain. Let's deal with fauna and flora in a playful and holistic way.

This nature workshop will not change the world, but will contribute a small step towards the development of environmental awareness.

Splash of color


“That’s the rhythm you have to keep up with!”


Making music together brings people together. Making music with your self-made instrument is twice as much fun and also strengthens your self-efficacy.


In our music workshop, the focus is on the joy of making music together. The children learn through play Know different instruments, have the opportunity to try them out and also use your own body as an instrument. Perceiving one another in a group in a common rhythm is a very special experience. In the course of this process, perception, social interaction, attention and concentration as well as creativity and a feeling for language are promoted. 


In addition, the children have the opportunity to build your own instrument and take it home. Various tools and their application are learned in direct practice, and individual work steps are explained and implemented. The in-house production trains, among other things, fine motor skills and dexterity in using tools. Working together offers the opportunity to expand social skills. 


Get your instruments, get ready, go! 


keep it rolling


Together, the children get a bike going again. They learn something about road safety and how to put their own hands on the bike. In order to get enough exercise, a parkour between bike, tools and spare parts has to be mastered. The children master this task together as a group and competition is thrown overboard. Here, motor skills, balance, dexterity and kinaesthetic perception are trained, and group awareness is strengthened, and the children learn in a playful way what a roadworthy bicycle needs.

Send appointment request directly:

The date must be at least 14 days in the future. Workshops take place in the morning.

The request has been sent.

We look forward to your visits!
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