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ASP basics


✓ We treat each other with respect.

The ASP is a protected zone for everyone.


✓ We are participation fans! Help shape the ASP ?!

Exactly - ideas and experiments are very welcome!


✓ Stop rule: If a behavior against you or

others become too much, you can shout "stop".

The people involved interrupt their activities (freeze), clarify

the situation and find a good solution for everyone.


✘ Verbal and physical violence will not be tolerated (insults, bullying, fights, willful destruction ...)!


✘ Weapons and weapon-like objects are not allowed.


✘ The ASP is a smoke and noise free zone.

Intoxicated people are not allowed to enter the entire area.


✓ We pay special attention to people between 6 and 16 years of age at the ASP.


✓ Decisions made by supervisors serve the common good of those present.


✓ EVERYONE is responsible for compliance with the basics, i.e. supervisors and visitors - we help each other.

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